The Piha Bowling Club was established in 1955 in the Piha Domain. It has seen over 60 years of bowls upon its green, along with some very memorable celebrations.


Established in 1955, the very first president of the Piha Bowling Club was W. Hall and the first foundation treasurer was Frank Barnett. The Piha Women’s Bowling Club was founded the following year (1956) with Dot Mercier as women’s president. The first Bowling Club pavilion was completed in 1959, seeing the present pavilion being opened in October 1963. The small garden near the entrance of the clubhouse was established as a Memorial Garden. It continues to grow, as we remember the people that played a significant part in the club's history.


The official opening of the Piha Bowling Club commenced on 10th November 1956, with MP Hon Mr Mason honoring us and the green with the first bowl.